NEMA has had the opportunity to co-create with cities, organizations and experts to design immersive experiences that build community, foster meaningful connections and make an impact. With each co-creator, we strive to create sustainable and inclusive live experience platforms with visions that can grow and evolve overtime.



Wellness Summit: Dr. Mark Hyman 

NEMA is currently producing Dr. Mark Hyman's first wellness summit, which will take place in Southern California in June 2018.

Dr. Mark Hyman is the Medical Director of Cleveland Clinic's Center for Functional Medicine, the founder of the UltraWellness Center and NYTimes best-selling author.

We are co-creating the brand, collaborating with top experts and facilitators, and designing an experience that will bring Dr. Mark Hyman's community together for a weekend of play, culinary experiences, connection, learning and feeling good. 


4-day City Festival: An Honest Farewell

In collaboration with the Centre for Social Innovation and real estate development company, Westbank Corp, NEMA produced a four-day city festival at Honest Ed's to pay homage to the iconic Toronto landmark.

Our goals were to reimagine the 160,000 sq. ft bargain store, create a space for honouring and grieving, and capture Honest Ed's values of inclusivity and community. This led to the birth of an initiative called Toronto for Everyone to focus on inclusive city building after the festival. 

With a 50-person volunteer team and over 400 artists, collaborators and market vendors, we designed seven experiences: an opening gala, a family-friendly immersive art maze, a 7-day multidisciplinary artist residency, a craft beer tour with 12 local breweries, a public market and trading zone, a community hub with all-day, all-ages free programming, and a mini music festival closing party. 

We worked with creative agency Sid Lee, to design the event brand, An Honest Farewell, and the fundraising campaign, Toronto for Everyone. Other partners included: Collective Arts Brewing, Tim Hortons, Now Magazine, The Working Group, Design Exchange and Koffler Centre of the Arts, amongst others.

Over 15,000 diverse people attended An Honest Farewell. The festival was featured in Now Magazine, Toronto Star, CBC News, CBC Arts, VICE and Globe and Mail, amongst others. 



Digital Detox Adult Summer Camp: Camp Reset

NEMA is part of the co-founding team of Camp Reset, a digital detox summer camp for adults taking place on the outskirts of Toronto.

The 3-day co-created experience takes attendees on a journey of self-exploration and connection through intentional play, workshops and powerful group experiences. Through a tech and picture free environment, where no real names are used, and no work talk is had, a safe and playful space emerges. 

Over 300+ people have attended Camp Reset since 2015. This year, 250 people will participate at a new camp site in June 2017. The experience has been featured in Toronto Life, Breakfast Television, Globe and Mail, CBC and others.



Ideas Worth Spreading: TEDxToronto  

TEDxToronto is one of the biggest and most respected independently organized TED events in the world.

Every year, TEDxToronto brings together the brightest and most curious minds in the city to discuss ideas, connect and be inspired. 

Negin Sairafi was part of the TEDxToronto organizing committee for 4 years, during which time she served as co-chair and sat on the board of directors.